Healthcare Businesses: Why Choose Us to Manage Your Marketing Campaigns?

We combine our nursing clinical experience and marketing expertise to create a marketing campaign specialized for healthcare.
Lower Antelope Canyon © Grace Ascione

About Grace Ascione, RN MBA

I have worked in marketing and sales for over 15 years with an emphasis on Healthcare Industry and Small Business advertising. I enjoy working with small businesses to help them identify their marketing strategy and execute on it in order to gain visibility and engage with new clients.
I also believe in continuing education and have the following certifications:
-Google Analytics Certified
-Google Ads Certified
-Hubspot SEO Certified

-WordPress Blog Certified
The digital marketing capabilities through Google and Social Media platforms have grown over the last couple years and are constantly changing. It takes a significant amount of time to stay up to date on the constantly changing digital platform and many small business owners don’t have that time. I provide services to help each business identify their strategy and develop content and executing a marketing strategy.

Healthcare Marketing Strategy – Content Creation – Execution

Grace Ascione is a RN with an MBA from University of Denver and has both a background in clinical and business administration. I worked at UCHealth as a nurse and transitioned to working in clinical education and marketing at Gambro, a renal specialty company. I have experience with marketing B2B and within healthcare from my years at Gambro. I now currently use my marketing experience to manage digital marketing for small businesses in a B2C capacity.

My personal interests are hiking, camping, exploring national and state parks, triathlons, graphic design, and international travel. I am currently focused on the desert region on Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico and have plans to explore there more.
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Giving Back

National Park Service
I am passionate about keeping our National and State Parks preserved for our next generations and donate 5% to all money made from this work. My family also donates their time to Family Promise and 9Health Medical Volunteers to give back to our local community.
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