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Success Stories

Here are just some of the success metrics from Healthcare clients who partnered with us for their digital marketing:

Digital Marketing Successes

  • $55K in sales for one month for a medspa from digital marketing promotion (PPC, Email, SEO)
  • Ran a digital marketing campaign to launch a pain clinic
  • 39% increase in organic clicks (Modern Surgical Arts), Bounce rate down to 36%, and 25% increase in conversions
  • 149% increase in Facebook Business Page Reach, 198% increase conversion, over 120 leads created in 30 days (Modern Surgical Arts)
  • 75% increase in organic and direct clicks (Neuro-Luminance)
  • 25% overall increase in new clients (Neuro-Luminance)
  • Generated new leads (Premier Lighting Company)

We can help you gain success with targeted digital marketing.

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Quotation Marks
Socorro Marketing ran a successful marketing campaign on Facebook to brand "Million Dollar View" for my Bed & Breakfast. Overall engagement and traffic increased on our business Facebook page and website."
– Sally, Cactus Cove Bed & Breakfast


Turret Arch, Arches National Park © Grace Ascione

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To increase your organic traffic and leads.

How did these arches form? I love to educate myself on how natural phenomena occur. These arches were formed over millions of years with the combination of sandstone + salt + water. As geologic forces and erosion occurred, the arches formed as the ground around them sunk and buckled to form the arches. We don’t have millions of years but we can help you build the gateway to connect and stand out to your leads.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising

To improve the quality and volume of visitors to your site.

These vivid petroglyphs are located on one of the most popular trails in Arches National Park but few visit them. This is because there is a single sign pointing to a small trail stating “Petroglyphs” so most people walk by and are focused on visiting the Delicate Arch. This is a great example of displaying services or goods but without visibility to attract customers
Petroglyphs from Arches National Park © Grace Ascione
Lower Antelope Canyon © Grace Ascione

Email Marketing

To nurture prospects and convert leads.

Our tour of Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ, was full of unexpected surprises. Can you see the head and bodice of the woman in this picture? Or see the seahorse by looking up from the bottom of the slot canyon? Email marketing is the same . . . you’ve already engaged your customer and now you need to show them other services or products to benefit and wow them.

Content Marketing

To add relevant content and value to your business.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t help if you don’t know the context of the picture. These amazing petroglyphs were at the end of a 3-mile hike along a cliff wall. The journey was as much fun as seeing the actual petroglyphs carved by the ancient Puebloans. But we needed help interpreting what these petroglyphs said and it is believed they relay their journey from the beginning of time.
Petroglyphs at Mesa Verde National Park © Grace Ascione

Examples of Medical Blogs

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