The 4 Strategies I Use to Grow My Business During Economic Downturns

Daily news feeds update us that inflation is at an all-time high, and we need to slow down spending. As a business owner, how do you navigate the pendulum swing in these uncertain times? Do you plow full speed ahead or pull back the reins? In a market slowdown, it is important to continue investing in marketing and be even more laser-focused on your target audience.
how to prepare your business for a recession

Always-On Rule in Advertising Brings Returns

There is no better opportunity to nab your share of the market than when others cut budgets and go quiet on the downturn. If you want to impact your bottom line, maintain an “always on” approach in advertising and grab that space!

4 Reasons NOT to be Quiet this Spring!

If you are experiencing a slowdown in new customer acquisition, you aren’t alone.

Google Ads recommends that you use more simple, bland advertisements and that you market to the masses. Socorro Marketing has found the opposite to hold true. Our clients who have increased their spend, used target marketing, and utilized ad customization are seeing thriving results. Socorro Marketing has seen up to a 75% increase in conversion to new business in just a couple of weeks! If your business needs help attracting customers to sip your nectar, let us help you put this plan into action.

‌Here are some more ways you can pivot or boost marketing for your business.:

Adjust your promos, lean into sales, bundled deals, and customer referrals
Create a focus group for your business
Digitize everything; offer products online, curbside pick up, online forms, and appointment scheduling
Change your audience or adjust your customer personas

If you are curious about how to invest wisely to grow your business, reach out and schedule a consultation with Socorro Marketing.

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