I Keep Hearing about Influencers, but how can I find One?

Local Influencer
The good news is that local influencers are making the rise over Hollywood celebrity types, and locals can be just as helpful in promoting your business.

Try searching Instagram, Twitter, and Google to reveal influencers in your community:

To begin a search in IG, type in your city and relevant niche to help you to find creators in your industry. You may need to play around with what you type in to see what results populate. For instance, if you type denverrealtor and then realtordenver. The first search results in ten local influencers and the second one results in four. Realtors and personal trainers are in front of people all the time, and generally want to look good. If your industry fits this criterion, you may consider this type of reach. You should also look through your own social media followers.

The next steps are to see how many followers and posts this person makes. You will need to click through comments on posts to see who they are (do they live in your city, and how many followers they have). If you see a potential influencer, direct message them introducing yourself, your services, or your business, and invite them in for a complimentary treatment (if they will share this story with their followers). Finding and connecting with local influencers will take time and dedication on your end.

Keep in mind an influencer doesn’t have to be someone who has 50,000 followers plus. An influencer is someone within your community who posts something on their social media. Then their followers, friends, and family, are influenced by the content they see and come into your business because of what they saw shared. Something else to keep in mind is that Influencers are often paid. Read this for a general guideline on how influencers are paid.

Want more ways to get a local influencer?

1) Network with your local community. ...
2) Create a brand ambassador program. ...
3) Analyze your competitor's campaigns. ...
4) Ask for recommendations. …
5) Sign up for an Influencer Marketing Platform…

You can use Google to search for local influencers as well. For example typing in Denver Beauty Bloggers yields many searches including this one.

Another popular trend on social media is offering contests like; “The first 50 people to comment on this post have a chance to win a free chemical peel or skin care giveaway.” Don’t forget when the contest is over to announce your winner on your IG story.

Consider offering online booking. This way when people are scrolling and reading stories, and seeing pictures, they may want to book an appointment right on the spot. Some people don’t like calling, as it takes more time, and what if they get put on hold or don’t get through?

Don’t forget the samples!

Everyone loves a freebie. If you're selling a physical product you can ask to send samples to your influencers so that they can review it on their blog, or, at least, talk about it on their social platforms. When crafting your pitch, you’ll want to keep it short and concise, less about you, and more about how your product can help them, and share out that you’ve read their content. Remember you want to build a relationship and show that you respect their work.

For fun check out some of these Denver influencers; #denver.darling, #alenagidenko, #nicole_huntsman, #chictalkch, #the_everyday_hostess, #desirefalk.
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