5 Key Tips to Optimize your Organic Search Traffic

Every Healthcare business owner with a website has a goal to optimize their SEO and increase organic traffic but this can be one of the most difficult tasks to undertake as the guidelines change frequently.  So it takes consistency, carefully defined KPIs, and patience. But to get started, here are 5 guidelines to follow to optimize SEO for your website.

Optimize One Search Term Per WebPage

We are all guilty of trying to put too many keywords in a webpage.  But this will confuse Google and the search engine and end up working against you.  The recommendation is to decide one theme and work your headings and content around that.  For example, if you are a med spa that offers 8 different services, don’t try to optimize these services on the home page.  Optimize “MedSpa” and your location.

Match your Website Title Tag to the Heading Tag

Your Website Title Tag is the slug after your website and be sure this matches your Heading H1 tag on your website.  This will reinforce to Google what the webpage is all about.

Meta Description

This is quite important and is the description that pops up on the Search Engines under the title or your website. Be sure to uniquely and accurately describe your service offerings and add your keywords.
Writing a meta description

Internal Linking

We all have links within our website to other pages and this is important to build credibility.  But it note that using the terms “Click Here” or “Learn More” doesn’t help your SEO.  You need to use terms that describe what you are linking to.


One of the most important components for SEO and too much for this blog.  I will put together a blog soon outlining how to grow your backlinks with other sites. Hint:  It takes active work with other website owners.
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