Looking for the best way to optimize your email marketing?

Email offers the highest and most measurable return on investment (ROI) than any other marketing tool. The ROI on service-based email is 45:1 which means that for every dollar you spend, you should see a return of $45.
Email marketing is easy and convenient, reaching customers 24/7 on their phones, computers, or other devices. A recent survey shows that 73% of millennials prefer email communication from businesses.
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Key Tip: Less is MORE

Try limiting content to one page or around 300 words. It’s helpful to use a marketing platform with your emails to track key analytics, view click-to-open rate (CTOR), help attain a broader customer base, and improve your marketing reach. Emails are a great way to offer discounts, show new products, or share events. We currently use Mailchimp for the analysis of this information.

What experience do you want for your customer?

Be careful of leading customers down the hypersegmentation rabbit hole. Some marketers argue that segmenting is not worth the time and effort as it can lead you to a small minority of people, or take your customer down the wrong path. Try offering broad segments and specialized links so customers can choose their journey. When customers are bombarded with emails, surveys, and asks, you may steer them to unsubscribe. The ‘less is more’ rule works with segmentation too. Ask yourself, what kind of experience do you want for your customer?

Studies show that personalizing your messages with your customer’s first name greatly improves your CTOR and is considered a win-win relationship. Read up on other ways to personalize your emails here. Be mindful as what consumers say and what consumers do - don’t always line up. We advise staying broad and educational with your content.

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Grace Ascione RN, MBA along with her marketing team has years of clinical and service based marketing experience. She understands the unique challenges healthcare and wellness businesses face with marketing and can bridge that gap. She has helped million dollar healthcare businesses to small local groups grow their practice through digital platforms and inbound marketing.
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